Ambrose Construction New Chamber Member Profile

Matt and Hollie together

Originally Published in the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Let’s welcome Ambrose Construction as a new member to the Southwest Indiana Chamber. Ambrose Construction is located in Haubstadt, IN and can be reached at (812) 457-9037 or online at Read on as owner Matt Ambrose, president, and Hollie Ambrose, vice president, tell us more about Ambrose Construction!

Tell us about Ambrose Construction and the services you offer.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured commercial concrete contractor. We pour concrete primarily for large commercial and industrial contractors. We can do anything from footings, flatwork, poured walls, excavation, coal mine development and everything in between. Our team is professional, safe, efficient, and hardworking!

What inspired you to invest your time and resources in this business?

The idea of being self-sufficient and working for ourselves was very appealing. Hollie came from the health care industry and had a very demanding job as a licensed nursing home administrator. This job was very rewarding but also all-consuming. Matt was formerly in industrial construction, which involved travel away from home. He also worked as a licensed home builder. He was attracted to the fast-paced nature of the concrete industry and felt there was a need in the area for his services. We began Ambrose Construction on 2001, and it was the best decision for both of us and our two children.

What career advice would you give the younger generation interested in this type of work?

Work hard and be reliable and accountable. Follow through with commitments. Do what you say you will do and do it the best of your ability. Also, don’t judge someone for what they do for a living. We pride ourselves in offering our employees a career that provides a competitive salary, vacation time and benefits. We treat our employees as professions, and in return they act accordingly.

In your opinion, what are three ingredients for success?

Work ethic, honesty and reliability.

What has been one of your toughest challenges?

This industry requires long hours and can be physically demanding. It rarely offers Matt with enough time to dedicate to the important tasks of meeting customers, making phone calls and studying blueprints. So weeknights and weekends are sacrificed at times to dedicate to these important details. And WEATHER! We have had record rainfall this year. So much of what we do and where we go is based on the weather.

Why is the Evansville region a great place to operate a business?

Evansville is warm and friendly and small enough to develop positive relationships with customers, competitors, and vendors. Yet it is large enough to have ample opportunities to work, whether it is new construction projects or existing buildings or developments that just need a facelift.